Cemetery Rules

Maple Hill Cemetery Rules

The following rules and regulations have been established by the Cemetery Board in order to maintain the beauty of Maple Hill Cemetery for generations to come:

  • All memorials, monuments, and grave markers must be cut from quarried granite, marble, or cast from genuine bronze
  • No artificial stone, native boulders, or fieldstone
  • Permission must be obtained from the Superintendent (or his designate) to plant trees, shrubbery, set markers, etc.
  • No artificial flowers or rose bushes
  • Establishment of sod on lots is to be done by Cemetery employees
  • Graves will be limited to five to each quarter lot, unless specific approval is received from the Cemetery Board
  • At least eight regular working hours notice must be given whenever an interment is to be made. Internments will be subject to severe weather conditions
  • No person other than Cemetery personnel will be permitted to dig a grave or open any grave already there
  • No vehicle shall exceed a speed of five m.p.h.
  • All persons are prohibited from picking flowers or injuring any tree, plant, or shrub on Cemetery grounds
  • All urns, plant material, etc., will be in line with the headstone
  • Funeral directors, upon arrival at the Cemetery, must present the necessary burial permit from the local health office
  • The Cemetery Superintendent, or his designate, shall reserve the right to remove funeral designs, floral pieces, plant material, shrubs, and urns as soon as they become unsightly
  • No pets allowed in the Cemetery
  • Winter rates will be effective from November 1 through April 15
  • Winter graveside services or winter burials will be permitted at the discretion of the Cemetery Superintendent (weather permitting)
  • Foundations for benches, monuments, or markers may be installed by approved contractors who have current liability insurance of a minimum of $500,000 and have prepaid a $50 locating and final inspection fee. Or they may be installed by cemetery personnel
  • All burials must be in a vault constructed of reinforced concrete and be approved by the Cemetery Superintendent
  • Flower beds shall be planted by a florist or individually
  • Effective July 1, 1992, all cremains must be enclosed in a cement vault
  • The City of Cadillac / Maple Hill Cemetery is not responsible for items removed from graves or vandalism

For more information, contact the City Clerk's Office at (231) 775-0181 x111 or the Cemetery Foreman at (231) 775-3563.