Mobile Vending


Food Vending on City Property

There are six (6) locations that allow businesses or individuals to vend food on City-owned property. These locations are permitted through a competitive bidding process that takes place in February each year.

Mobile Vending on Private Property and/or Vending of Non-Food Goods & Wares
A permit must be secured when vending on private property, and for vending of non-food goods and wares.

Please follow the links below for relevant information related to mobile vending:
Mobile Vending Administrative Rules (PDF)
Mobile Vending Permit Fees (PDF)
City-Owned Mobile Food Vending Sites (PDF)
Non-Food or Private Property Permit Application (PDF)
Food Vending on City-Directed Sale Locations Application (PDF)
Request for Sealed Bids for Food Vending on City-Directed Sites 2023 (PDF)