Market Study

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The Economic Development Program for Cadillac and Wexford County, Michigan was prepared by the Chesapeake Group, Inc., a nationally-recognized economic analysis, economic and community development, and planning consulting firm. The report was prepared in support of the Grand Vision project and was funded in part through a Community Growth Grant from the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments, with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

The report is divided into the following sections:

Opportunities Synopsis & Strategic Implementation Program


Industrial Sector
Agriculture Sector
Multi-Tenant Office Space
Retail & Related Services Activity

Strategic Development & Implementation Program

Business Development through Increased Tourism & Retail Branding
Infrastructure Enhancement
Resources to Effectuate Change

Business Conditions & Related Non-Commercial Opportunities

Implications from the Business Survey & Gap Analysis
Additional Manufacturing Based on Reputation & Resources
Additional Research & Development Activity
Additional Advanced Industrial Activity Applications
Multi-Tenant Office Space

Commercial and Residential Assessment & Implications

Input for Local Demand Generation
Local Market Generated Retail Demand
Input for Non-Resident Commercial Demand Generation
Non-Resident Commercial Demand Generation
Future Housing Demand