Cadillac Resort District

Energizing the Cadillac Resort District

Although the economic health of the Cadillac Resort District is good, a number of local property and business owners have decided it's time to energize the strength and vitality of this tourism-oriented commercial district and take advantage of the continuing popularity of Northwest Michigan as a tourist destination.

Some characteristics of the area include:

  • Central to Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell providing over 3,000 acres of quality surface water for recreational use
  • Home to highly popular Mitchell State Park and the Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center
  • Contiguous to thousands of acres of state and federal forests for passive and active recreational use
  • Traversed by the Cadillac Bike Path with connections to the White Pine Trail State Park, a 92-mile trail that extends from Cadillac to Grand Rapids
  • Within minutes of the Caberfae Ski Resort
  • Range of high quality lodging accommodations and restaurants
  • Full complement of businesses and services catering to the needs of our traveling guests
  • Year-round recreation destination

Cadillac Resort District Board

The Cadillac Resort District Board is charged with identifying strategies for promoting the area's future growth and development. The board typically meets on the second Tuesday of each month to identify short- and long-range business enhancement recommendations and strategies. The board is currently looking for new members, especially residents of the Cadillac Resort District. If you are interested in working with the board to improve the Cadillac Resort District, please contact a board member to express your interest!


  • President: Rick Cushman - Rick's Car Wash (231) 357-0255
  • Vice President: Bob LeVand - K & L Foods (231) 775-7850
  • Secretary: Janis Cryderman - Janis' Flowers and Gifts (231) 779-8635
  • Treasurer: Amy Cox - Citizens Bank (231) 876-9461
  • Mary Burke - Burke's Waterfront Restaurant (231) 775-7555
  • Jeff Wagner - Coldwell Banker (231) 510-1286