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City Treasurer
The City Treasurer's Office is responsible for collecting all city revenues including property taxes and special assessments.  

Property Tax Collection
The City's general operating millage is 13.9473 mills. The tax bill of a property owner in the City of Cadillac also includes amounts for other governmental units.

A typical property in the City has the following entities included with an annual tax bill:
  • City Operating - 23%
  • P&F Retirement - 5%
  • CAPS Debt - 5%
  • CAPS Operating - 30%
  • State Education - 10%
  • Wexford County - 13%
  • ISD - 10%
  • Other - 4%
Pie chart of the break down of property tax collections
Only 23% of a typical property tax bill goes toward City operations.

Property information for parcels
 within the City of Cadillac can be found by going online to the site provided by the City's tax software company, BS&A.

It is important to note that information is only updated at the end of each business day; therefore, certain payments received may not be reflected in the property tax amounts due. *

Additionally, delinquent taxes have been turned over to Wexford County for collection, so any delinquent taxes will not be reflected. Please contact Wexford County Treasurer at (231) 779-9475 for further information.

* Disclaimer: Data is taken from the records of the City of Cadillac only, and is updated nightly. Payments for prior tax seasons are not reflected on this website. Any errors or omissions in posted data will not negate the taxes or special assessments that are due and payable.

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