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Requests & Applications
Business Applications
Business Permit Application
Peddlers & Transient Merchant Application
Home Occupation Application
Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption (IFT) Application
Rental Unit Registration Application 
Rental Complaint Form
Rental Repair Extension Application

Construction Applications
Guide For Calculating Comm. Building Permit Fees  
Permit Fee Calculation Guide  
Accessory Building Permit  Application & Checklist
Commercial Building Permit  Application & Checklist
Residential Building Permit  Application & Checklist    
Combining Property Application  
Sidewalk/Driveway Construction Permit
Soil Erosion Control Permit  
Election Inspector Application
Electrical Permit  Application
Façade Application 
Fence Permit Application
Historic District Work Application
Mechanical Permit  Application
Plumbing Permit  Application
House Moving Permit-Annual
House Moving Permit-Single Use
Zoning Application

Election Applications
Absent Voter Ballot Application 
Election Inspector Application
Employment & Volunteer
Employment Application 
Boards & Commission Appointment Application

Fire Applications  
Site Plan Review Application 
Special Event Review Application
Tent Use Permit Application
Fire Code Plan Review Application  
Fire Alarm Permit Application
Fire Sprinkler Permit Application 

Event Applications
Street and Parking Lot Closure Request
Rotary Pavilion Use Application 
City Park/Fountain Use Application
Banner Application
Block Party Application
Parade Application
Sign Permit Application
Tree Zoo Gazebo Use Application
Annual Mayor's Award Entry Form 
Greenway Brick Application

Utilities Applications
Tidy Tote Request From 
Utilities Bank Auto Pay Form

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